League Rules

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League Fees
  • League Affiliation Fee: $200 per team
  • League Affiliation Fee: $200 per team
  • League Affiliation Fee: $200 per team
  • League Affiliation Fee: $200 per team
Fields and Equipment
  • Fields must be lined
  • Corner flags installed
  • (3) identical and properly inflated game balls
  • Nets should be secure. Home team managers should carry some duct tape or ties to fix net problems. In many cities a club or city maintains the fields and it may be difficult for you to push them to fix problems, but you should be prepared to make minor repairs to nets.

Match officials will inspect the field prior to the game. Any problems must either be resolved or agreed upon by both team managers before the game will begin.


All teams must have a primary and alternate kit. This refers to an alternate jersey color. Jerseys should match and have a number on the back. Jerseys with matching numbers (i.e. two jerseys with number 8) are not permitted. Socks and shorts must be of the same color but need not be identical style. Shin guards must always be worn. All equipment must pass a check by the referees.

The HOME team is required to change to their alternate kit in the event that their primary kit is too similar to the AWAY team.


Competitive divisions will have three match officials. (1) Center Referee and (2) Linesman.

Competitive Fees:
  • $80 Center
  • $60 Linesman/AR (x2)
  • Total: $200

Each team will be responsible for covering half the officials fee for the game. ($85 per team)

If there are only two officials at a competitive division match, the league policy is to have the two officials referee the game in tandem and pay each one $60.


Notification to the league president of any games that will be forfeited must come by 8 pm on the Friday prior to the Sunday match otherwise the forfeiting team will be responsible for paying the referees ($200). Please contact the opposing manager first to discuss a re-schedule date (if desired) then contact the league president.

Weather Policy

Rosters are provided by PSG/ WSL after player registration. Both teams must present a printed roster to the match officials for player check-in prior to the game. Players must present a valid photo ID at time of check-in. Managers must include jersey numbers on the roster which correspond to the appropriate player. Any player who does not appear on the roster will not be eligible to play, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Rosters must include a minimum of 11 players.

No additions to the roster during the final two weeks of the regular season.

Player Eligibility and Registration Rules

Players should be registered by the deadlines set at the spring meeting. During the season the player registration form will close at 11:59 pm on Friday. Players who do not register by this time will not be eligible to play for the current week. Registration will open again on Sunday evenings.

If a player has registered and does not appear on your roster please notify the league vice president and president and they will resolve the matter.

Players must be 18 at time of signing the registration form.

Switching Teams

Players who wish to switch teams may do so freely at times when the league is not in session.(September-April). However, players who wish to switch teams when the league is in session must obtain a release from their current manager. If the manager does not agree to release that player, the player will be subject to a 30 day wait period prior to registering with another team. This measure is in place to prevent teams from “stealing” players or from players themselves hopping from team to team based on the success of the teams. A player may have the 30 day wait period waived under certain circumstances in which both managers, as well as the league president approve the player switching teams. Players who wish to switch teams during the season are encouraged to contact the league president with their request.

Post Game Duties

Both team managers should call in their game score to the website manager . This is to prevent any score discrepancies.

Please check the scores posted on this website to make sure that they are correct.

Organizational Structure
PSG League Officers:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Website Manager
  • League Promotion Committee
New Teams

New teams must begin at the start of the season.

Contact the League President in a timely manner and you will be informed of the appropriate costs and procedures to start a new team in the PSG.

Please note that this cannot be accomplished in a couple of weeks, so please submit new team information at least two months (by the first week of March) in advance of a new season.

Promotion and Relegation

The last-place team in the final standings of the league table from Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 for the following season. Subsequently, the top team in the table from Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1. No exceptions. Every year will have a one-for-one switch. Note: This applies only to the regular season standings, not playoff finishes.

Only the last-place team in Division 1 will be subject to relegation based on the above language.

If new teams are added they will begin in Division 2 at the start of a new season. However, if a new team desires to enter the league in Division 1, they will have to submit, in writing, support for their request to the league president. The information will be reviewed and must be approved by a majority of League Officers

WI Amateur Cup
PSG will send a representative to the WI Amateur Cup following the conclusion of the PSG season. If the selected team does not wish to participate in the Amateur Cup, the next team may take their place according to the following ranking:
  • Division 1 regular season first place
  • Division 1 regular season runner-up
  • Division 1 regular season third place, etc.
League Points
  • (3) points for a win
  • (1) point for a tie
  • (0) points for a loss.

A forfeit is counted as a 1-0 decision.

Tie Breakers:
  • Points
  • Head to Head (Win, Loss, Tie)
  • Wins
  • Goal Differential