Sports Illustrated Podcast

Soccer Without Borders’ Executive Director Mary Connor and Alumni Council leader Warshan Hussin sat down with Gabe Zaldivar for Sports Illustrated’s En Fuego Podcast in late December. The episode highlighted five of “the best sports charities” in the nation — the interview with Mary and Warshan begins around the 15-minute mark.

SWB was also featured on later that week in an article that highlighted our work toward social inclusion and gender equity, as well as meeting the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic head on. An excerpt:

Moving forward into 2021, Soccer Without Borders will continue the excellent work that has been a bridge of friendship to so many young athletes who yearn for familiarity and friendship.

And it’s never about fixing but supporting. It’s not about assimilation but inclusion. And succeeding means something wholly different neighborhood by neighborhood.

“One of our core values is authenticity,” the co-founder explains. “And that really has to do with authentically responding to and meeting the needs that that community identifies.”

And in that way the ball gets kicked among a team, incorporating everyone who can share in this common language of football.

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